Exorde Node (Incentivized)
Exorde is a Web3 protocol that allows developers to collect and link all publicly available data on the Internet. The project aims to track the distribution of information across the Internet. The project's developers want to connect all the information around the world, fight polarization in social networks and help everyone better understand the story by being able to read it from all sides.

Price – $20/month

Take part in the testnet
  • 2+

    Years in development
  •  ~ $150

    The amount of investment in a node (approximate, based on the termination of the testnet)
  • $1000+

    Average income per node in previous projects with similar potential
  • $1,2 million

    Current estimate of the project based on the last round of financing
What is Exorde?
Exorde is the Web3 protocol that empowers developers to scrape and link all public data. What if Web3, this new web-based on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, gave us the tools to track the spread of information and source as much content as possible?

Exorde is a first-of-its-kind decentralized indexing platform that constantly analyzes the Web and links its information together. This network appeals to an international community to operate in full transparency and neutrality inside a censorship-resistant ecosystem building a true Open Data Economy.
  • 55/100
    Twitter activity
    The indicator shows how active the project's community is in the official Twitter-account.
  • 81/100
    Team activity
    This indicator is an important indicator of the project team's activity, reflecting their level of involvement and speed of development.
  • 79/100
    General rating
    A score above 80 is considered high, which means that the project has a good chance of generating profits and growing the native token shortly.
Convenient execution of services via Telegram-bot. We accept USDT, USDC, and BUSD stablecoins for payment.
Getting a server
We create the node for you, maintain it, and update it as the blockchain requires.
Waiting for the end of the testnet
We will notify you via Telegram bot if there are any updates on the project.
Receiving rewards ✅
100% of the rewards will go directly to your wallet. We do not charge a commission for the service.
IMPORTANT: In this project, we only need the address of the Ethereum wallet to fulfill our obligations.
Exorde Team
  • Terence Gras
  • Methias Dail
  • Damien Pucheu
  • Florent Cuzol
    Data Engineer
  • Jean-Baptiste Lasserre
    Software Engineer
Project Links
Compare with alternatives
You could buy a server from a public hosting provider and use this guide to install and maintain a node.

But why, when it's cheaperr and you don't have to do anything?
  • Create a node with a single click
  • No programming required
  • Institutional level infrastructure — 99.8% uptime
  • Payment in USDT, USDC, BUSD
Get started
  • You must install the node yourself
  • System administration skills required
  • Disk storage can be problematic
  • Accepts Visa and Mastercard only
  • You must install the node yourself
  • System administration skills required
  • Very complex setup (foreign language required)
  • Payment with Visa, Mastercard only
Any questions?
Don't understand how it works, have questions or doubts? Don't hesitate to contact us right away